ASSITES: Italian Association of Blinds, Solar Shading and Shutters

ASSITES’ role is to represent and improve knowledge of blinds in their entirety – including solar shading, shutters, outdoor blinds, indoor blinds, and insect screens – in the national market and consumer perception. It actively works to spread knowledge of industry issues and to monitor market requirements, helping companies meet them.

Qualified companies of any size – that manufacture and supply products and/or raw materials in the sector of solar shading, shutters, indoor and outdoor blinds, and insect screens – can become members of the Association. Additionally, professionals (technicians, consultants and scholars), sales agents or representatives and associations or industry bodies can also be part of the association, as associate members and supporters.

The Association operates on two distinct yet complementary levels. Internal activities are geared towards its members, and range from training to information on regulatory news, from technical and legal assistance to support in filling out documents on tax deductions that benefit customers, to organising events. External activities, instead, are more geared towards improving the visibility of the sector, taking care of its interests by lobbying institutions, as well as major stakeholders and key players in the political and economic world.

ASSITES offers day-to-day assistance on industry entrepreneurship, and constant updates through news, information capsules and internal communications, monitoring trends and market developments at the national and international level, and offering support to companies that wish to undertake a process of internationalisation. In this context, ASSITES benefits from the agreement signed by FINCO (Federazione Industrie e Costruzioni: Federation of Industries and Construction), its parent federation, and SACE SpA, the company that, in the Cassa Depositi e Prestiti Group, provides financial insurance coverage to Italian companies abroad.

It provides members assistance and technical support: any query may be submitted to its qualified and recognised technicians. It follows and guides companies in the process of filling out the ENEA forms on tax deductions for energy savings.

By virtue of the agreement between UNI – Italian National Unification Body – and FINCO, all ASSITES member companies have the opportunity to view and purchase the collection of over 20,000 UNI technical standards on favourable terms.

ASSITES provides all members with the SHADECALC Software, a calculation system developed by the Association, which allows industry operators to evaluate the efficacy of their solar shading.

Quality and safety have always been amongst the Association’s priorities, which is why its top commitment is to ensure continuous training and refreshing of industry operators and entrepreneurs, through the organisation of training and safety courses on-site.