ANFIT: Italian National Association for the Protection of “Made in Italy” Windows

ANFIT’s main purpose is to promote quality windows conceived, designed and crafted entirely in Italy by Italian companies, inspecting and ensuring that strict quality, safety, environmental protection and energy savings criteria are met for consumer satisfaction.

ANFIT’s goal is to protect the Italian quality market and production chain in compliance with the regulations. ANFIT’s commitment is to the technical and qualitative improvement and upgrade of manufacturing, regardless of the material used. ANFIT carries out promotional activities at public administrations, professional studies and media in general. Its main purpose is to protect the Italian quality market and production chain abroad as well.

With a clear procedure, ANFIT determines the origin and quality of the product, thus enabling the end user to decide, independently and for their sole interest, on the purchase of windows made in Italy. This value must also be conveyed as best as possible to international markets, in order to support and increase the added value of such products.

ANFIT informs its Members of technical and regulatory updates, and takes part in the Italian and European decision-making processes that determine the rules of the market to protect Italian window manufacturers.

Services provided include: the use of the QUALITY ANFIT marking and Energy Label; issuance of certificate of origin; special rates for laboratory tests; technical information with respective seminars and training courses; insurance policy for manufacturers, installers and consumers

ANFIT participates at events, fairs, conferences, and fosters promotional campaigns with press articles to disseminate the Italian-made ANFIT window.

The top companies in the sector of window and window frame production and installation operate within this Association. The window frames sold in Italy are required to bear the CE marking, but manufacturing the window frame in Italy requires higher standards. The designer is required to verify that, before they are installed, window frames comply with a number of features such as wind resistance. The NPD value (No Performance Determined) does not discharge either the window-maker nor the designer from liability: ANFIT helps reduce risk and liability ensuring window frames perform according to national and international regulations.

ANFIT arose from the need to defend and enforce compliance with regulations that differ very much from one another due to the distinctive features of our country. The obligation for the CE marking for window frames arose to protect the consumer and standardise production processes, but does not eliminate the obligations and responsibilities of manufacturers. The window frames manufactured by ANFIT members bear the Numbered Energy Label and the Posa Label, to make the whole production chain traceable.

ANFIT is the first association in Italy to have stipulated two policies with Reale Mutua Assicurazioni to protect and guarantee manufacturers/installers and consumers.