Innovative systems for sectional doors. Residential and industrial sectional doors. Folding, sliding and rapid industrial doors. Up and Over garage doors, Securlap garage doors and Security entrance doors. Silvelox Group has made a name for itself over the past few years thanks to innovative products and a commercial formula aimed at creating a nationwide customer-retailer network throughout Italy and abroad. Silvelox Group primarily offers itself, in the role of industrial and commercial partner, to companies in the industry that plan to specialise in closing systems, so that our customers can present themselves to the end user with their own personalised band. A wide range of products, quality, short lead times, technical innovations, flexibility and listening to the customer make Silvelox Group the ideal partner for selling and installing closing systems. Most of the components of the Silvelox Group closing systems are designed, tested and produced
at the Trento and Brescia plants. Thanks to the growth of recent years, Silvelox Group remained among the leading manufacturers of sectional doors and components in Italy.