FINCO is an Italian general Federation of industries for products, systems and services for construction. As Federation FINCO is not usually directly related to firms but to National Umbrella Organizations of Construction Sector. At the moment it puts together 40 Associations representing, among the others, steel for construction, aggregates, safety fire systems, insulating materials, solar shields, zenithal systems, curtain wall, aluminium and pvc windows, doors and gates, rolling shutter, drive systems, loading systems, roofing systems, pluvial and gutters, flashings, plumbing, green constructors etc. Are also FINCO’s members plant system suppliers, electrical equipments and other services sectors linked to construction. The Federation aims to increase the value and the visibility of each Association as great as possible. Finco mainly operates when its action is more effective than the single Association’s one. Finco helps firms to get in touch with the international subjects. FINCO operates on behalf of its own Associations through:
  1. Parliamentary and Ministerial lobbying :
    • FINCO plays an active role in lobbying for adoption of Law and Legislative decrees in order to protect the sectors , when the Associations agree on a specific issue;
    • It provides amendments in the general legislative procedures (for example the Financial Law and related measures);
    • It follows and stimulates the Public Administration work on the occasion of significant issues (e.g. the Inter-ministerial Decree about the CE marking on the building products).
  2. Coordination and strengthening of the Italian producers of materials, equipment and services inside the construction sector (strengthening of the division’s identity).
  3. Involvement in working group on Ministerial issues (mainly with the Ministries of Industry, Environment and   Public Works and Infrastructure), where the weight of each Association is integrated and strengthened by FINCO’s support;
  4. Collaborations with public and private , national and international, organizations belonging to the building and infrastructural sector.
  5. Organization and management of the inside Working Group to solve Associations’s considerable issues
  6. Supplying the Associations with Law Counseling Services through experienced lawyers.
  7. Promotion of events which allows the market of the building materials, services and equipment to be expanded (for example “Destroy to Rebuild” Project)